Jun. 29th, 2007

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bored so bored

my party is tonight, well along with my sister & cousin. & they get a big graduation cake and im getting a small birthday cake...so unfair.

it's 11 am & i'm eating chocolate. lmao
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So the party. Interesting? Yes.

We got there and my mom got me this sweet sixteen sash to put over my dress. It was pink & just blahh, didn't really go with my green dress. So when my mom wasn't looking I took it off when my aunt mouthed 'take it off' to me and my mom was like fine and my aunt was like it'll mess with your beautiful dress. My I looked like a grandma in this dress. lmao

The people at the Via Brera were realllly Italian. Haha.

My aunt, 2 uncles, & cousin came first and we were just sitting and standing around while the people were setting up things. No one started showing up really until AFTER 6. So I was like..okay. By the way, my mom brought toooo many napkins. Only 43 were coming & she brought 120. *wide eyed*

Then people started coming and people were just sitting down, while Christina & her friends were standing up. Then we went to get the food. I ate bread, pasta, and veil. The salad looked like leaves and the veil wasn't good. Blah.

I started talking to my cousin Ariel about summer and boys. She said she was going to see Eqquis in New York. Nude!Daniel Radcliffe...awkward & she said she may try & get Christina & I tickets. *claps*

Then I went through explaining the whole movie of 1408. She said it was weird and that she wasn't going to see it. Hahaha.

Then later on they said Happy Birthday to me & the dude there was like now ask for a car. I was like..yeah..NO.

Then my sister & cousin cut their graduation cake and blah. They aren't important :P.

We ate the cake, but my mom said we were only going to eat the graduation cake, so I was like...I just blew out candles and cut through a cake that we weren't even going to eat? So stupid. So, Ariel, my aunt, brother, & I were all like ''We really want some of Michele's half cut cake. It looks so good.'' It was funny, but I really wanted that friggin cake! It had chocolate pudding in the middle of it. Yum!

We went to open our presents, I got $280, but no one was paying attention to me. No one took pictures of me besides my aunt, but that was only one picture. Christina & Laura both got more gifts than me & it was MY FREAKING SWEET SIXTEEN!

I got bracelets and one of them doesn't even fit my arm cause my aunt supposedly thinks that some bracelet that fits on her skinny wrist would fit on mine. I got a target gift card. I got some notepad thingy where I can write notes down and a thing attached to it that looked like a thing for a photo and a thing to put pens & pencils. But my Aunt Carolyn got me this really beautiful necklace, which I opened at the beginning of the party, so I could wear it.

Ariel & Nicole were the only ones paying attention to me opening my gifts. They rock, everyone else...I shun you.

My Aunt Marie-Michele, Uncle Tom, Colleen, & Erin are coming up from North Carolina, driving I might add and I won't be in Nutley until later tomorrow night. Yeah, that was my night.

Told you it was interesting.


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