Jun. 30th, 2007

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Went to sleep at 1:30am. Woke up at 11am. Ate chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast at noon. Went on the computer, spent hours on and oh look, never got off :]]

I just finished watching the Degrassi & The Best Years premieres, that Christina recorded on the DVR from yesterday.

Degrassi= Just strange, and Alex was like laughing throughout the episode and Paige was having like panic attacks throughout the whole episode. Weiiiiird. :P

The Best Years=Samantha Best is an orphan, who got into an Ivy League School. Her parents died 10 years ago. She meets Devon, who is the same guy with the lisp from She's the Man. Her roommate Kathryn, is a blond bimbo who reminds me of Barbara Jean, from Reba. Literally, they could be twins!

Devon has a friend and I forgot his name, and the unknown
(that's his name from now on in this entry until I remember his real name k?) is trying to get Kathryn to notice him, so they sneak up onto the roof of the dorms and are all drunk. Sam, picks the lock and they all run up and Sam feels guilty because she met this Asian girl at the beginning of the episode and lies to her, so the Asian girl sees them and Sam just runs onto the roof with the other 3.

They're all drunk and the unknown is trying to impress Kathryn and she gets annoyed, he goes on a edge and falls over.


Dun, dun, dun.

Sam finally tells the truth towards the end, but doesn't get in trouble because someone is threatening the lady and tells her they shouldn't expel her and take her scholarship away.

There's another girl, who is an actress and she comes to the college and gets drunk the first time in a club and a hot guy takes her back to her dorm. She finds Sam in the bathroom crying cause Sam just told the woman what happened with the unknown. They become friends and her, Sam, and the Asian girl go to the club and Sam spots Devon and then turns away and starts dancing. The end =]

Now I'm watching SuperMADE on MTV. All My Children stars are on. We want to be made into soap stars. Hahahaha.


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