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As you can see from the title...I have no homework, yay!

Finished my chem lab after school today. Now I just need to make up my history open book test sometime this week, probably Friday or something.

The SVU episode 'Raw' is on tonight at 8 on USA. I never saw it and I don't know why I didn't see it. Even Kevin was surprised and he was all like ''YOU DIDN'T?!!?''

Funny kid, hehe.

I'm like so tired and I smell tacos...

*slowly gets up and walks away*
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They hugged. :D

That's all I'm gunna say.

Going to sleep soon. *yawn*
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My history teacher was so annoyed at 2 of the boys in my class who were being loud and obnoxious when we were writing down the notes off the overhead, that she said we're having a test on Friday. 5 FREAKING ESSAY QUESTIONS AND THEY'RE 20 POINTS EACH. That's just ridiculous and then she insults the whole class saying none of us can write. I rolled my eyes and I seriously wanted to jump out of my seat, knock the overhead off the cart and punch her in the face. She had no right to insult us considering it wasn't the whole class that was bad. She said that the class was talking. It's like...half the class doesn't even talk, including me. I hope she gets fired and goes to hell.




Nov. 26th, 2007 09:20 pm
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I just missed the Alvin and the Chipmunks trailer because my sister didn't inform me that it was on.

''I'm waiting for the rinse cycle''-Alvin

I seriously want to see this movie, laugh hysterically while choking on popcorn, while little kids kick the back of my seat at the Clifton Commons.

Is it Tuesday yet? SVU !!!!
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I have an English test tomorrow on Romanticism. :[ I'm going to ''try'' to study tonight. SVU tomorrow, I can't wait any longer. I wish it was Tuesday already. Last night...I took off all my Jared Padalecki pictures from the wall by my bed. I threw most of them out and took a few and put them behind the door. I need room for my Supernatural Calendar and poster. So last night I was having a panic attack because my wall was just naked haha.

I have an A- in Chemistry and I got my quiz back. I got an A. Yay! My Geometry substitute today was retarded. Patricia had her sidekick out, so he took it and then when she was receiving a text message you could see the phone lighting up in his pocket and he took out her sidekick and I am pretty sure he was reading the text. Like wtf? Invasion of privacy. Technically it was Patricia's fault, but still he had no right reading that.

Anyway, Gym was fun. We lost both of our volleyball games, but we're still awesome :)
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Church was a half hour longer than expected today. I have been sitting at the computer all weekend; BORED. I really hate how none of my friends call to make plans and then if I call them, they are busy. I didn't see any friends this weekend. Just family.

Not that I'm complaining about my family cause last night at my grammy's cousin's 70th birthday party I had a lot of fun. Probably because I felt like I was at a sweet sixteen. Seriously and everyone was dancing and having a good time. But seriously, I wanted to hang out with my friends also; Kirstie, Adela, and Anette went to some show in Montclair. They didn't invite me.

I really need a new layout. This layout is all blahhh. :/

It's not like I know how to make my own layout. HELP!
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Went to mass for my dad this morning at 8:45. Still can't believe it's been 6 years since he died. Then we went to the cemetery and then went to iHop in Bloomfield for breakfast. Tonight is my mom's cousin Gene's surprise party somewhere in Clifton. Shall be funnnn!
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I have decided I hate turkey pot pie. We made some in Culinary Arts, it made me gag. I was watching SVU last night on USA and it the episode ''Contagious.'' I was yelling at the TV saying that they were in the art room that I go to everyday in my high school and they were in the nurses office. I was screaming really loud and jumping up and down. Yeah, I'm a little obsessed. Oh well!
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Okay, so I wrote in my xanga entry that I wanted Carrie Underwood to die. It's not like I meant it literally. Someone commented and called me a hoe, a slut, and a b*tch. That person has serious problems and needs help. Carrie Underwood is a great singer, I just got annoyed that she won so many awards last night at the American Music Awards.

Anyway, the Law&Order: SVU tonight at 8 on USA is the episode when they filmed in my town on the football field and I think the art room also. Christopher Meloni was on the football field in my town! *squee*

Yes, I know...I need help :]


Nov. 18th, 2007 11:15 pm
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I have been reading SVU fanfiction all weekend. I can't stoppp. =X

Now my mom and sister think I'm read cause I like Christopher Meloni. But it's Christopher Meloni, like come on?!

American Music Awards tonight were good and then bad. Carrie Underwood must die!

I just really hate her now. Like really HATE.

Enough rambling now, school tomorrow. We only have 2 & a half days. Yay for Thanksgiving!

My mom wasn't able to get Daughtry tickets for the December concert at the Ritacco Center in Toms River because they sold out in 2 hours. Hopefully they may have 4 extra tickets roaming around. *prays* Seriously, I want to see Daughtry!
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Friday night:

Bon Jovi concert at Prudential Center=AWESOMENESS. When we were singing along to Livin' on a Prayer my voice died. lmao
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Supernatural on Thursday was awesomee.
Jared was HOT.
I have a 94 in Geometry, yay!
I have an 88 in English & Chemistry.
I have a C- in History.
We started watching The Crucible in English on Friday, since it was a half day and we spent an hour in 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 8th period.
Gah, I love half days and then I hate them. Gahh.
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Yay, Supernatural season 3 premiere this week. *dances happily*
My Chemistry teacher is retarded and I hope his disgusting fingernail gets infected *shivers*
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Yesterday morning, Rosemarie & I went into the cafeteria instead of going to the Student Council meeting. So, we were sitting there talking to Kirstie, Adela and Kristin and then Rosemarie says I have a surprise for you. So I automatically knew that she got me the dvd. So she opens up her bookbag and hands me the DVD and it's like layered with gift wrap and it took me like 5 minutes just to get it all off and I was like. YAY! *squee*.

Then Kirstie came over after school and we watched In My Time of Dying with the commentary of course! Then we watched the bloopers & we started to watch The Making of AHBL Part 2 and then my sister comes home from her class & tells me that we have aerobics in a half hour. lmao

Then later on, after we watched an episode of Port Charles off SOAPNET that my sister recorded on the DVR, we watched the bloopers, The Making of AHBL Part 2 & Jared's Original Screen Test.

Yesterday was just an awesome day.

Plus--we made pancakes in culinary arts. Well actually, I sorta just stood there...but they were really good pancakes. Hahahaha.

Sick Day

Sep. 17th, 2007 07:09 pm
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Didn't go to school today. Throat is sorta better, but my nose is so stuffy >.<

Well at least I didn't have to run in gym for Fitness Day. Gah stupid day, that we ''need'' to have every week.

Somaya stayed home from school too and we're gunna give in our history diary thingy tomorrow cause it was due today. Everyone is getting sick because of the change in weather. One day it's hot, the next its just NOT.

I have 2 club meetings tomorrow one in the morning before school & one after, but I have to leave the second one early because I have to make up something for art that we were supposed to finish today. Yikes.

Dinnertime. Peace out. <3
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My throat huuuuurts and we had to run around the football field 6 times in gym today. But on the bright side I got a 90 (B+) on my Chemistry quiz.
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Life...is boring.

I want to go down the shore. Even if it's September, but stillllll it's like 90 degrees out. So hot.

That is all. Yeah, nothing much to say except that I hate geometry.
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I love my history class, it's like the funniest class everrr. I don't have Miss Weiss, but oh well my teacher is awesome anyway :P.

My Chemistry teacher...is weird & he has a girly voice and laughs funny lmao.

My Math teacher has a weird accent.

Culinary Arts is going to be the death of me, along with Art I. Hahaha.

Jess is in my gym class and she's going to be in my health class 3rd marking period. yay!\

Somaya is in 6 out of 8 of my classes. lmfao
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I got lots of school clothes at the mall & at Kohls last week and on the weekend. I also got school supplies at Staples and these past few days have consisted of me hanging out with Rosemarie and Lauren. Seriously, on Saturday we went out to lunch to Applebees at the Clifton Commons, then they stayed at my house and we watched a movie and just hung out. Then Sunday after I went to church at noon we went to the mall and Kohls. I got 2 headbands, 2 other small things and a pair of shoes. Then they came over my house again and we hung out..and watched a movie. lmao

Then last night Rosemarie came over and slept over and then I'm going to see Rosemarie again 2morrow at school.

I need a boyfriend...random...yeah. lol
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Teen Choice Awards last night. I would have been standing next to Jared friggin Padalecki if I won the trophy presenter contest that I entered.

Oh well, at least I saw Zac Eforn in person, that's all that matters...I guess. :P
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